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 The Snow Volkins

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PostSubject: The Snow Volkins   Sat Oct 22, 2016 3:12 pm

Three snow volkins are caught up in a blizzard after just leaving their former pack due to the alpha nearly going insane. The hard choice to leave behind their friends for the sake of their own survival was one not easily made and the decision starts to take a toll on their bodies. Worn and hungry, the trio manages to seek shelter inside a hollowed out tree where they wait out the blistering blizzard and try to remain in one peace. Players: 2 Spots left: -

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PostSubject: Re: The Snow Volkins   Wed Nov 23, 2016 11:40 pm

Being a snow volkin didn't mean you had to like snow. Well, more accurately, it meant that you weren't incapable of getting sick of it after getting caught in a raging blizzard for ages and almost freezing your skin off despite your thick fur and other adaptations that made your home climate tolerable. Alku had grown to learn this all too well. You'd think! You'd think that after having to leave your pack because of a batshit crazy alpha that maybe you'd used up all your bad luck for a while! No, obviously not. You got to get stuck in a blizzard instead. What luck.

These thoughts and more were running through Alku's head as she glared at the rushing weather outside from the solace of the tree, her tongue out slightly in a petulant gesture at the snow, which didn't really care whether or not she liked what it was doing. It was all enough to make her start to despise her own white coat and icy eyes. Anything that reminded her of the awful weather outside... ugh. What, no! She wasn't being immature! Sure, she was kinda young but. This was all deserved.

She curled a bit tighter into herself and tilted her head to look at the others, trying to gauge how they were taking all this. If they were taking it at all better than her, then that would certainly be a start.
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The Snow Volkins
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