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 Skathi Flux WIP

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PostSubject: Skathi Flux WIP   Tue Feb 07, 2017 4:19 pm

~Skathi Flux~

Preset © HostageOfHumanity

Deadly Sin of Greed and Reaper hybrid

x Greedy, if there's something he wants he'll do what it takes to get it. Regardless of the consequences.
x Lusts to collect souls, it's his burning desire considering he's part Reaper.
x He doesn't realize that he has the potential to hold a humanly form, but doesn't care about finding out.
x he holds a feral form, which is disgusting. It only truly comes out when he's soul hunting or if you managed to piss him off. [actually making him mad is difficult, you'll have to find what makes him tick.]
x disgustingly thin, like it's hard on the eyes. [Idea of just how thin he truly is. Just use your imagination for canine.]
x so he's extremely ribby [considering he lacks an abdomen], and extremely boney. There's faint muscling along some areas, and it almost gives him a more icky appearance. [Gives him an awkward portray on his bodies lineage, face is Shepherd-y but his body gives him a sighthound shape with it's scrawniness.]
x regardless of lacking a decent body, it doesn't really slow him down. He's technically immortal considering he's part Reaper, but certain things could put him down rather quickly.
x seeing that he lacks body weight he frequently wears a pelt to actually keep his muscling warm. sometimes even during the summer.
x LOVES tanning hides and making leather armor. He manages just fine considering that he has no thumbs, also uses a small blade just fine also with his mouth. He wears the blade upon his shoulder or forearm in a leather shoulder and arm bands.


x can see the soul of others, and wandering souls. It's usually what feeds his want to reap.
x [thought of his after his raVage] he's smell putrid, so his blood itself will also taste putrid.
x blood is thick and awkwardly chunky, and a little black.


Skathi is a troublemaker, he'll push your buttons until you just want to strangle him... and even some. He's outgoing BUT annoying all the same.

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Skathi Flux WIP
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