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 Diamos Farrow

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Diamos VW

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PostSubject: Diamos Farrow   Wed Jan 25, 2017 11:44 pm

Diamos Farrow
Age of 27 Years
Breed of Vampiric Wolf (Genetic Engineered)
Holds no previous memories of his past life

Diamos Farrow is a rather aloof fellow, finding that he is extremely cautious and wary. To get close to him, one will need to learn about him, and break down what barriers he has up. Having the thirst he does, Diamos does not trust himself around others, and will often separate himself from his own pack mates (or fellow humans, if he could remember he was one.) Once the barriers come crashing down, though, the others will find that, at heart, Diamos is quite the happy go lucky fellow, a smile often on his face among friends and family. He does his best to cheer others up, even when he himself does not feel the greatest, and, often times, he would much rather see others doing better. This often causes him to forget himself, as he has a habit of making others first.

Diamos, having lived among a desert people for several years, showed great promise as a hunter and warrior among his clan. As a child, he rose among his peers and even surpassed many great hunters! At just the age of twelve, he'd already taken down great beasts of the desert, and proved he had humility, kindness, and strength, the traits of a natural born leader. Being the son of the lead warrior, it only made sense.

However, one day, his village and people were raided and killed, he left to die in the dunes with no food, no water, and no shelter. This was not to be his fate, as he was soon found by people in white coats. He did not understand them, and they did not understand him, but being just twelve, and having survived a massacre from a strange people, he was taken in. The boy showed great promise to these strange men with fair skin. Diamos, having expected to get help, found himself in the white halls of a lab. Screams and cries echoed in the bright halls, and he hismelf fought hard against the men. One even was bitten so hard, that they lost a finger.

Due to this, the men in the coats agreed he'd be the perfect specimen. Sedated soon after his massive outburst, the young boy found himself in a place of what seemed like darkness and terror, and it was there he remained for over a decade, constantly being poked and prodded, tested on.... It was here that he was sure his life would end.

One day, a sharp and disgusting pain had hit him, causing him to all but black out, and in the end, lose his entire memory. When he woke, Diamos, now a twenty seven year old man, found himself in the form of a wolf, chained down by his wrist. He pulled at it, chewed upon it, and eventually broke himself free. The lab, however, was silent. No sound was made, and it was soon apparent that it had been abandoned, or attacked, whichevre had come first. Regardless of whatever had happened, all he could remember was a name, and so Diamos set out to find out more of himself...and why he has a thirst for blood. The sharp canines that point out from under his lips tell the tale that he is vampiric, surviving off of blood alone. Meat does not hold his fancy anymore, and water does not slake his thirst. It is blood he needs...and it is blood he is terrified to have... Perhaps his new home can help him.
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Diamos Farrow
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