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 Russo Devastare: Sword Wielder

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PostSubject: Russo Devastare: Sword Wielder   Fri Oct 21, 2016 4:09 am


Personality:  Raised with 3 other siblings, Russo can become very competitive, usually when involving something he wants like a rank promotion or someones attention. At heart he's a bit of a loner, scraping by in a socialite's paradise. He may come off as rude and cold-hearted, and as there might be some truth to that, he can also be very mild mannered when in good company. He tries his best to keep a stoic presence about him, but with his trusted few he can be light-hearted and carefree. When one and one with the male, he is more calm and open to discussion. He is very family oriented, judging by his pride in his family and weakness for home-made meals.

Tidbits:  Can be found sleeping under any boulder or tree when he isnt sparring against it, keeping his blade and reflexes sharp. Takes pride in his Buster Sword, polishing it and wiping it down with oils frequently. A running joke in his branch of the Order is that he's in love with it, calling it his Amore or saying they've overheard him whispering "Tesoro" to is on occasion.

Equipment:  The girl of his dreams; his Over-sized Buster Sword. A massive single-edged blade that almost mirrors him in stature, and as wide as both his forearms. It is rather heavy, but he has trained with it long and hard to swing and maneuver it, being able to throw crushing blows with its blunt side as well. His hilt is made of a thick oak, stained dark and embroidered with gold painted designs. The handle is wrapped in a red leather, sewn tight wight more small patterns. It's sheathe is crafted from the same oak, stained dark to match, and wrapped in crossing white leather to support its weight. The strap of the sheathe has a gold encrusted metal medallion with the Red Flame's symbol upon it, and when worn fit well upon the chest, as well as keeping the leather straps firmly in place. As he takes great pride in his sword, he keeps the blade well sharpened, being able to slice a leaf with a clean cut. He uses a multitude of polishes on it and its sheathe, spending hours on its perfection.

Backstory: Russo was born in the remains of an old spiritual pack called 'De Maledetto Vuoto'. It was more of a village setting now than a ranked society, but the old wolves always rambled on about bird spirits and how it was before they discovered their shape-shifting abilities. He was born first, though not the biggest of his litter. There was Capo, the second oldest, followed by Stella, the runt female of the bunch, and then lastly Boia, the biggest pup yet a bit dimwitted. They lived within their means as they grew up, doing the labor needed to keep them satisfied.

Their father was an influential figure within the village, joining in a new nobility order that had branched out into Atlantis. His name was Vincent, and he was well looked up by his first born. Russo spent many of his leisure hours training with tree branches in fencing and with his fangs in his natural state. As him and his litter mates grew, they found themselves more and more drawn to The Order of the Red Flame. Not only was their father now a captain high within the ranks that had grown since they were pups, but the outlandish order members brought scrolls and knowledge with them they never would've conceived of in their small village. Many pups found their way into the recruits as they did, seeking knowledge for development as well as a better life for them and their families.

Russo excelled in his physical training, particularly melee weapons like Maces, Hammers, Swords, and Axes. He liked the weight of the Axes and the Hammers, but desired the range and diversity of the Sword. When his studies and training were complete, he graduated to a full-fledged member of The Order, taking his specific rank in Scouting. As all graduates receive their official Order Member gear at the ceremony, Russo found his weapon to be more than just the ordinary. His father had a sword hand-crafted from miles away, specifically made for his son to wield. Russo took the blade with pride welling up in his chest, using both arms to carry its mighty weight. His siblings also left that day with their own weapons made just for them. For Capo, and his precise dexterity, double-edged twin swords. For Stella and her flexible and diverse fighting styles, a serrated whip with a double-edged dagger upon its end. And for Boia, who relied on his physical strength and size, a massive War hammer; with blunted studs and thick blunt bracers to match.

Russo trained hard to wield his new blade, as well as worked hard for his rank within the Order. He reached Emissary before having much rattle his career; catching thieves out in the wasteland of Atlantis and stopping smuggling operations. With the growth of the local area due to the Orders arrival, came with its own consequences. Bad crowds found their way to the surrounding area, causing trouble within the now advancing village. Russo found himself in the midst of it all, busy with policing those out of the local limits. After years of investigating and tracking, he managed to catch one of the most notorious crime lords in the entire wasteland. Shooting off into the barren land on his own one day after interrogating one of the boss' underlings, expecting it to be a hoax. There he was met with 7 bodyguards surrounded around a tent within a crag. Success so close in grasp, he couldn't let him get away, and proceeded to fend off the entire guard squad and capture his mark, leaving few of the men alive. As he made his way back into the Orders headquarters, he got gasps and stares at his ghastly appearance. Covered in blood, that of his own and that of not, leading a severely beaten volkin with tattered clothe make-shift shackles. His blade rested upon his shoulder, splattered and crusted with blood, tip pointed at his prisoner laxly. No one had seen such a massacre carried out by a single man, and so word spread of "Gusto Rosso". The taste of Red.
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Russo Devastare: Sword Wielder
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